How Intensely the Human Eyes Perceive Different Colors

When you are about to purchase a laser pointer at the first time, you may be confused on how to choose the right color.
If you want a bright laser, which color you should select, red, green, purple or blue?
So let’s talk about the connection with laser color and eyes visibility.

The human eye perceives the different wavelengths of the visible color range with a different intensity.
The peak visibility wavelength is at 555nm- the green DPSS as RGB elementary color meets this as the closest.
The closer the nanometer is to this optimum (up and down), the brighter is the perception of color.

As you can see in the graph below which represents the entire laser light spectrum in relation to the visibility by the human eye.
Green lasers (532nm) are closest to the peak visibility wavelength (555nm), and therefore brighter than red, blue, and purple lasers, which is no contest.
Green is approximately 3 times more visible than red or blue.

So now we should make it clear about the relation between laser color and people’s eyes visibility range.

Wanna a brighter laser? Choose the green color, that’s right!

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