Interesting happens when you use the laser on a rat body!

Have you had the rodent problem?
Yes, I have, there are some annoying rats jump up and down after I fall asleep. it was absolutely resentful, I can not sleep well anymore!

So I decide to torture those rats, I’ve heard about that high power laser can zap the rats. And luckily I found one store selling different kinds of lasers, then I picked up one.

I bought this to blind rats while I shoot them with blow darts.
It is awesome. We don’t use rat or mouse poison so this thing really ruins there day. One zap on the rats’ eyes and they get lost or freeze.
Then I catch them or shoot with a dart and dispose of them. Sometimes smoke comes off of rat when I zap them.

This is the best to have camping and hiking.
If you have a rodent problem this thing is your answer.
Strobe mode is like a disco nightmare for them.
Don’t play with a magnifying glass in front of it.
They triple the power and you can really vaporize things far away.
I tried a magnifying glass I bought for 5 dollars and I was focused on the mag glass and laser.
When I heard a squeal I noticed rat had burned a hole in it!


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